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In 2008, over 300 organizations, companies, officials, candidates and prominent individuals signed on to a document called Fixing America's Economy.  The document was a joint effort crafted to describe the causes of the Great Recession and the solutions to restructure our economy to not only recover, but to grow jobs, wealth and income.  Fixing America's Economy also served as a template for many to speak with one voice, rather than sector by sector, when advocating to our elected officials.

In November 2009, many organizations, companies and concerned citizens gathered in Washington, DC to update the document.  After a lot of work and consideration given to many views, we distilled our many views into a one page document that goes to the heart of the current problems.  The new document is called Fixing America's Economy II:  Rebuilding American Jobs, Wealth and Power.

Please sign on to Fixing America's Economy II on behalf of your organization, your company, or yourself.  Insufficient attention is being paid to the root causes of our economic problems, which include the trade deficit and many other core topics.  More signatories mean more clout with these ideas.  Sector by sector solutions won't work.  We need macro-solutions to restructure our economy for long term prosperity. 

This is not a CPA document.  We champion it in the hope that it will be useful to as many others as possible.  Feel free to use this document as you see fit, secure in the knowledge that it is broadly supported by American farmers, ranchers, workers and manufacturers.

Please sign on to this very important document.


America’s economy faces an ongoing structural crisis that contributed directly to the 2008-9 financial meltdown and limits the scope for a sustained recovery. The old means of economic growth – over-consumption, off-shoring, and borrowing – have seriously undermined the national interest. To resume sustainable growth, generate jobs and pay down our spiraling debt, we need to make fundamental changes in the American economy. We also face a profound political crisis. Our governmental system currently lacks the ability to articulate and pursue ambitious national goals.

A bold national vision is needed to equip America to compete successfully in a global economy. America must reorganize its creative, financial and governmental resources to meet a few fundamental challenges coherently, effectively and urgently. A successful strategy will improve the standard of living for current and future American families, restore value to our currency, realign corporate with national interests, and reinforce the U.S. position as the paramount world leader.

To that end, we challenge all holders and seekers of public office to commit to the solutions presented here.

ESTABLISH a comprehensive national economic strategy centered on investment and production - of agricultural and manufactured goods and services - in the United States.

REBALANCE our international trade by achieving genuine reciprocity, especially with systems of state capitalism whose practices are beyond the reach of existing international rules and domestic law. This must include a review of all existing international agreements, as well as establishment by law of higher standards for future international agreements.

NULLIFY the subsidy effects of currency misalignments by the application of effective trade measures.

MODERNIZE the U.S. tax system to provide competitive incentives to invest in this country, ensure that imports pay their fair share of taxes, and remove government-imposed cost impediments to American exports.

DEVELOP and IMPLEMENT a national infrastructure plan to convert our communications, transportation and energy distribution systems into a national competitive asset. A principal objective must be to maximize the use of domestically produced goods on all projects funded with taxpayer revenues.

ACHIEVE energy independence by expanding domestic production and efficiency through investment and the development and application of new technologies.

REGULATE financial and goods markets effectively to deter excessive risk-taking and abuse of market power, while ensuring the safety of all goods sold in the U.S, whether produced domestically or abroad.

REVAMP the federal government’s economic decision-making to facilitate the development, implementation, and continuous adaptation of a strategy to ensure that innovative technologies are applied in this country.

The challenge is great, and time is short. We need action. We need it now.
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567 Thu Mar 08 13:40:47 EST 2012 salvatore cento none brooklyn, NY
566 Thu Mar 08 13:04:10 EST 2012 Anonymous As the CEO of a Woman Owned Business, I am signing as the representative of my company AND as an individual desiring to keep manuacturing and jobs here in the USA and stop outsourcing to foreign countries. More....
565 Tue Mar 06 13:51:11 EST 2012 Carol Dorsey Fairfax Station, VA Individual
564 Tue Mar 06 11:57:55 EST 2012 Mary Blair Waynesfield, OH individual.
563 Tue Mar 06 11:20:23 EST 2012 Daniel Belachew 300 Prospect Street #3, Cambridge Cambridge, MA
562 Tue Feb 14 14:30:23 EST 2012 Marilyn Ackerman Allentown, PA Individual
561 Fri Feb 10 12:45:51 EST 2012 jean schwartz retired MD brewster, NY individual
560 Sat Jan 28 12:00:59 EST 2012 Alison Middleton Middleville Tool & Die Co., Inc. Middleville, MI Controller / HR for Middleville Tool & Die Co., Inc.
559 Wed Dec 28 16:03:26 EST 2011 Michael Abatuno North Providence, RI As an individual who has not worked a full time job since 2002, I'm on the brink of bankruptcy. As a construction Architect/project manager with 30+ years of experience, I am totally frustrated with the More....
558 Wed Dec 28 11:17:25 EST 2011 Marsha Krantz self St. Paul, MN individual
557 Sun Dec 04 18:41:12 EST 2011 Peter Clough Hightstown, NJ
556 Mon Nov 14 22:00:34 EST 2011 William Cunningham ECC11, LLC Cortland, OH Rep of my company
555 Sun Oct 23 19:36:50 EDT 2011 Kimtraila Williams Detroit, MI Individual
554 Tue Oct 11 19:05:37 EDT 2011 Donald NMewport Tropwen Enterprises, LLC Colorado Springs, CO CEO Tropwen Enterprises, LLC
553 Tue Oct 11 19:04:49 EDT 2011 Donald NMewport Tropwen Enterprises, LLC Colorado Springs, CO CEO Tropwen Enterprises, LLC
552 Fri Oct 07 17:39:59 EDT 2011 Jeremy Broughton Carmichael, CA Individual
551 Fri Sep 30 16:23:25 EDT 2011 calvin coolidge matle farmington hills, MI
550 Wed Aug 31 09:23:20 EDT 2011 alexander crudello shiffli ass. of america Ridgefield, NJ As a individual,my whole industry is bankrupt and out of business there are only a few of us holding on by a thread.We are Comet Lace Inc of the embroidery industry of america,once 3thousand machines More....
549 Tue Aug 23 14:50:29 EDT 2011 Robert J. Hayes Interfaith Worker Justice Network Lawrenceburg, TN Individual but I am also a member of Public Citizen,
Witness for Peace and other groups opposed to these
free trade agreements.
548 Sat Aug 20 11:31:48 EDT 2011 Robert Easterling Global Team Direct, LLC Edgerton, WI President/Founder of Global Team Direct, LLC
547 Sat Aug 20 08:00:51 EDT 2011 susan simpson The American People grafton, OH An individual
546 Mon Aug 15 19:42:20 EDT 2011 Anonymous as an individual
545 Mon Aug 15 13:26:55 EDT 2011 Chris Sawicki individual Round Rock, TX individual
544 Sun Aug 07 17:16:24 EDT 2011 Donald Newport Tropwen Enterprises,, LLC Colorado Springs, CO As a CEO of the organization.... Buy United States Here (BUSH)
Keep this country strong, For God and Country!
543 Fri Aug 05 07:55:48 EDT 2011 Ronald Goachee uaw belleville, MI Ron Goachee rep of whateverittakes for progress
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